How to Download Movies and Files Using uTorrent Easily [Tutorial]

Direct downloads can be sometimes a real pain due to server connectivity and speed issues due to various reasons. Ever since the torrent came into existence, file sharing has become so easy and efficient. Let us see how to use uTorrent to download your favourite movies or any files in the peer-to-peer network.

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only. Downloading copyrighted material without permission is illegal. We [BloggingFox] DO NOT endorse or promote the use of copyrighted material in any form. The examples used to support this article on this page are copyright free.


Peer-to-Peer sharing or Torrenting is dividing the burden of file sharing equally among the users involved in downloading that particular file. This helps in easy and hassle-free downloads most of the times. Here we’ll see how to download and install uTorrent and then how to use uTorrent to download movies and other files.

Download uTorrent From The Official Website

Download uTorrent only from trustable sources. There are many unofficial sources which serve the modified version of the uTorrent client which may include malware or other types of malicious software snippets. Official download link is given below.

Download uTorrent

After clicking the download link, you will be taken to the official uTorrent website. Scroll down to the bottom and download the uTorrent Basic (Free Version)


  • After downloading, double click and run the downloaded uTorrent setup file.
  • Click Yes if windows ask for permission to run the application.

Click Next to continue.


A warning will be visible asking the users Not to download uTorrent from other sources. Click Next to continue.


In order to use the software, the users are bound to accept certain license agreements and privacy policy. If you want, you can go through it. Click Agree to continue with the installation.


Be Careful in the next step. You will see an optional offer from Ad-Aware Web Companion. It is a bundled software which comes with uTorrent. Users need not install this or any other third party services to use uTorrent. As it says Optional, users can choose not to install it. Decline the agreement.


A similar optional offer will be displayed on the next screen. Decline the agreement and continue with the installation.


On the next screen, let the default options remain as such and Click Next to continue.


Leave the default options as such. Click Next to begin the installation.


Note: In the future updates of the application, the Optional offers screen may change. The basic installation procedure will be the same for newer versions. If any relevant changes occur in the installation procedure, this section will be updated.

How to Download Movies and Files Using uTorrent

We have downloaded and installed the uTorrent application. Now it is time to proceed with adding torrent files and downloading movies and other files using the uTorrent client.

Let us see how we can download movies, music using uTorrent. Here we will be using a file from which is completely legal.

The procedure is the same for any torrent website.

Step1: Head over to the torrent website from which you want to download the movie or any file. Locate the movie and download the .torrent file. (The .torrent file will be very small in size, usually around a few KB).

For the demonstration, we will be downloading the movie The House On Haunted Hill.

Clicking TORRENT will download the above said .torrent file. A torrent file is a small file which contains metadata about the original

Double click on the downloaded .torrent file and uTorrent will launch to take over the file from there.

On the next screen, we can change the download location if needed, or the default location will be used. In the screenshot given below, the download location is given as D:\ drive.

On the right side of the window, a list of files is given. Those are the movie files which we are downloading. Some torrent files may contain files which are not necessary for us. Users can select and deselect the required files from this section.

Normally, keep it as such without deselecting anything if you do not want to exclude any files.

Click OK once it is done with this window. Your torrent file will be added to the uTorrent app and downloading will begin shortly.


The uTorrent download speed depends on your internet speed and availability of seeds.

How to Download Torrent Using Magnet Link

If you do not want to download the .torrent file, then there is an alternate way to download the movie file using magnet link. This involves no torrent file (the small file in KiloBytes) download. This is comparatively easy which reduces one step of downloading the torrent file.

Click on the Magnet Link button


Once the Magnet Download button is clicked, a dialogue box will pop up asking whether you want to open this link using uTorrent. Click Open uTorrent.


How to Choose a Good Torrent File

Download speed is one of the most required parameters for all of us. Download speed while downloading a torrent hugely depends on the bandwidth (Your internet speed provided by the ISP) and the number of seeds available for that torrent.

Seeds are the sources which distribute the content. It can be normal users or seed boxes. More the number of seeds, the better is the torrent health. Always try to choose a torrent with good health, as it will enhance download speed to the maximum which your ISP allows.

Important!! What to Do After Downloading the Movie or File.

The movie will be downloaded in a while depending on the internet speed and seeds available. After the download is completed, Seeding will start automatically. Seeding is sharing the content which you have downloaded right now with others who are downloading now. You were able to download the file because somebody had seeded it.

It is a good practice to seed the file for some time if you have an unlimited bandwidth. You can even restrict the uploading speed.

After you’re done seeding, click on the stop button on the top of the screen to stop seeding.

This will cease all activities of that particular torrent. You can even Stop and Resume the download and seeding whenever you wish. All torrent downloads are resumable.

Other Torrent Download Sites is a legal website to download movies. There are many illegal websites which serve copyrighted movies, music and other files illegally. Many websites have been shut down by the authorities and many still exist.

1337x, The Pirate Bay, Rarbg and Kickass Torrents are among the top torrent websites for movie downloads. Most of the sites may be blocked by your ISPs and can be accessed only using proxies or VPNs. We have listed a few of the 1337x Proxy and Kickass Proxy.


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