Torrentz2 Proxy: Unblock Torrentz2 Search Engine [100% Working]

Before listing out the Torrentz2 proxy, let us begin with a little introduction of torrentz2 for those who are new to this arena. Veteran or advanced users don’t require any introduction as they are more likely to know about the background stories. They can scroll down to the list of Torrentz2 Proxy and use it to unblock Torrentz2.


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Torrentz Before Torrenz2

Newbie users are more likely to be familiar with the second version of Torrentz, that is Torrentz2. But a predecessor existed with the same name and it was loved by every single user among the torrent community.

Torrentz2 (formerly Torrentz) is a search engine for torrent files. More like Google or Bing, but it indexes and serves only torrent files.

Torrent files indexed by Torrentz2 were from different categories which ranged from Movies, Music, Software, Ebooks, and Online Courses from websites such as 1337x, Kickass Torrentz etc. Most of the content posted on those indexed websites was illegal under the DMCA. Copyright infringement is a serious offence and authorities were on a constant hunt to catch the hands behind these websites and put an end to this online piracy.

Torrentz is aged towards the era of Piratebay and Kickass Torrents both of them who ruled the torrent kingdom. Due to persistent legal suites on other related domains, operators behind Torrentz- The Search Engine of torrent files were forced to cease all operations and it bid farewell to its users.

This farewell was not anticipated really, as Torrentz did not host any illegal files on its servers, as like all search engines, it indexed those pages which contains the torrent files.

Users had to manually visit the torrent websites in search for the files they want and had to do that for each and every website to check for a maximum number of seeds.

Fans and users of the torrent community came back with the second version of Torrentz which was named as Torrentz2 with similar functionality and appearance.

Torrentz2 Proxy List: Unblock Torrentz2 And Search For Your Favourite Torrent Files

Torrentz2 ProxyStatustorrentz2.euOnlinetorrentz2.ccOnlinetorrentz2.isOnlinetorrentsmirror.comOnlinepro2web.xyzOnlinepro2web.xyzOnlinepro2web.icuOnlinetorrentz.bypassit.bizOnlinetorrntz.kickassproxy.bizOnline

Note: Some of these listed torrentz2 proxies might go offline if they encounter any technical issues or due to DMCA violations. Try other listed proxies if one is not working.

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only. Downloading copyrighted material without permission is illegal. We [BloggingFox] DO NOT endorse or promote the use of copyrighted material in any form. The examples used to support this article on this page are copyright free.

After Torrentz, Torrentz2 is undoubtedly the best and efficient torrent search engine indexing torrent files from various websites. Under constant threat from DDOS attacks and lawsuits from different movies and software companies, the dominating websites such as 1337x and Kickass torrents are accessible to some users via 1337x Proxy and Kickass Proxy.



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