MovieRulz: All About MovieRulz And Its Latest Updates

MovieRulz is one among those websites which have been always under the radar of authorities and police due to its unethical working model.

MovieRulz, like the TamilRockers, which are notorious for leaking latest Telugu movies, Tamil Movies, Hindi Movies and Malayalam Movies online soon after their theatre release.


MovieRulz is a favourite place for those who don’t want to pay a penny to watch movies online or to go to the movie theatre. The movies, which are well categorized and organized in the website, doesn’t give the users any trouble finding the movie which they want.

The movies which the users want to watch online for free is only a few clicks away. MovieRulz ms(which was their previous domain) provides its thousands of users free movies without any issues, which makes the users re-visit the website when a new movie is released in the theatre.

MovieRulz Continues to Operate Under New Domain

Despite all the hunting and plot planning to catch the hands behind Movie Piracy, MovieRulz still operates without any downtime. They have been consistently in the blacklist of Anti-Piracy Cell and various other authorities who are on a mission to stop Pirating movies.

Due to blacklisting of previous domain MovieRulz ms, they have migrated to a new domain.

Despite organizing various awareness movements, users seemed to be rushing to their website to download movies or to watch movies online for free.

New MovieRulz Domains are

These domains will be changing frequently. Bookmark this page to keep updated

Even the current domain might get blacklisted soon, but we don’t think that will put an end to the MovieRulz operations, because by that time, they will register a new domain and move their content to it.

This cat and mouse play is expected to continue until any breakthrough happens.

What does MovieRulz have to offer to its users?

It provides illegal, pirated movies from different languages including, MovieRulz Telugu, Tamil, Hindi Movies download.

It uses torrents as one of the sharing mechanism, by which users can download a small torrent file and add it to some torrent client like uTorrent or BitTorrent and can initiate the download when and where needed.

The website also lets the users watch the movies online for free. They have a number of online streaming links which will stream the content in required formats to its users.


Despite the substantial efforts made by the Anti-Piracy cell and various other Authorities to shut down websites which promote pirated content, the online piracy as of present can be called as an undying evil. People tend to like FREE things and that’s what these websites are giving them. As long as they get the content, they wouldn’t stop visiting these websites watch the movies they want.

On another side of the story, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are gaining popularity and increasing their userbase which seems promising.

Disclaimer: We do not promote or encourage piracy in any format. This article is made to shed some light over the working of MovieRulz.


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