How to Change JioFi Password and WiFi Name

JioFi is a great portable device which is so much essential for the day to day life if you are travelling or even at home. JioFi provides hassle-free internet connectivity to a number of users within its locality. Everyone who owns the device must change JioFi password sooner or later. Let me tell you why. All JioFi devices come with the same login and password to its administrative controls which makes it vulnerable to password guessing and accessing the internet without the permission from the owner.

This unauthorized access to your JioFi will have many adverse effects ranging from different severity. Anyone can connect to the internet and perform some malicious activity and you will be the person to take the blame and even can lead to legal issues.

People are of different mindsets and can use the JioFi data in various ways. If someone downloads a whole movie using your JioFi connection, there is a high probability that your data might get exhausted and you will have to wait until it gets restored again.

So many people connecting to the same hotspot device may significantly drop the overall speed of the connection which makes the internet usage an unpleasant experience.

These are some of the most important reasons which you should consider and change JioFi Password as soon as possible.


Steps to Change JioFi Password and WiFi Name(SSID)

  • Power ON your JioFi hotspot and make sure it has sufficient charge to get through the process. (The process is so easy and consume only very less time. Don’t worry, we will guide you through the complete process to change JioFi password and WiFi name.)
  • Turn ON the WiFi on your smartphone and wait for it to show JioFi in the list of detected networks.


  • Tap on the JioFi network shown in the list of available WiFi networks and connect to it.
  • After connecting to the JioFi network, Open your browser and type the following URL in the address bar. (You can use any browser such as Google Chrome, Opera Etc. The address bar is the space where you type the website address, such as etc.)

                           Jio Dongle and JioFi Password Change URLs

                  URL For JioFi devices: http://jiofi.local.html 

                  URL For Jio Dongle Devices: http://jiodongle.local.html


  • After entering the URL given above and tapping the Go button will take you to another page. Click on Login and it will prompt you to enter the username and password.

The default Username and Password For JioFi and Jio Dongle devices are given below

                      Default Username: administrator

                      Default Password: administrator

  • After entering the default Username and Password, click on Login to gain access to the JioFi settings.


  • Under the Settings tab, go to Network -> WiFi-Configuration. You will see a screen similar to the one given below.
  • Adjacent to the Network Name (SSID), you can change your WiFi Name. In the next step, we’ll see how to change JioFi Password


  • Change JioFi Password as shown in the image below.


Video Tutorial to Change JioFi Password and Network Name

We have explained all the steps in detail with images. Even then if you are finding it difficult to change the password of your JioFi, then there is a dedicated video explaining the steps.

If you have any doubts regarding the JioFi Password change tutorial, then you can watch the video given below.


JioFi is a great device for accessing the internet at high speed wirelessly. The device has a decent battery backup and is also pocket-friendly which makes it easy to carry around while travelling or at home or office. A standard JioFi can accommodate up to 10 WiFi connections and One USB connection at a time, which is more than sufficient. Due to this, friends and colleagues tend to connect to this device which leads to exhausting of data.

Also, you must be very careful that people who connect to this device don’t do anything illegal, fraudulent or malicious activity. Most of them are aware of the default username and password for JioFi devices which lets them access the device.

To prevent unauthorized usage, it is good to change the default Password to something strong. This will let only those people whom you trust access the internet via JioFi device.


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